Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Week #13- Pirates AARGH!

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Our last week of summer has come and gone but alas, I do not want to leave it undocumented. We had a great wrap up to the summer with a weekend trip to Burleson's Pirates Cove, which was awesome by the way! It was much cheaper than some of the other water parks and lots for my two kids ages to do there-slides, and pool time. We also watched a few Pirate shows and read a few pirate books. One day we got to try out a trampoline park with our cousins as that was a last request of summer by Isaac. Also, we got a new hermit crab after doing a little more research into the care of these critters. Isaac named him Bane, as in Batman's nemesis. We also cleaned house and got ready for back to school pirate party. So glad Brooke, Abby, Tanner, Haden & Ethan, Emily & Mandy joined us! Enjoy the pics mateys!

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