Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Week #13- Pirates AARGH!

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Our last week of summer has come and gone but alas, I do not want to leave it undocumented. We had a great wrap up to the summer with a weekend trip to Burleson's Pirates Cove, which was awesome by the way! It was much cheaper than some of the other water parks and lots for my two kids ages to do there-slides, and pool time. We also watched a few Pirate shows and read a few pirate books. One day we got to try out a trampoline park with our cousins as that was a last request of summer by Isaac. Also, we got a new hermit crab after doing a little more research into the care of these critters. Isaac named him Bane, as in Batman's nemesis. We also cleaned house and got ready for back to school pirate party. So glad Brooke, Abby, Tanner, Haden & Ethan, Emily & Mandy joined us! Enjoy the pics mateys!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Happy 13 Anniversary!

My dearest Nick, I wanted to wish you a Happy Anniversary. We keep calling it our lucky 13 but it really feels like our lucky 13. I have enjoyed each of these years with you, going on amazing trips (Hawaii, Mexico, Chicago to name a few), trying new things-sushi and driving manual drive (You always push my limits!), seeing some beautiful sights (sunrises, ice mountains, and plenty of the roads of US), experiencing so many new things (Ministry, moving, two kids!), and I just can't wait to see what the next years bring! I am so lucky to have a partner who is funny, interesting, can still surprise me, pursues me as much as when we were dating, challenges me and my faith, and who cares about me so deeply. Love you! Cheers!

Week #12- Food

This was the last change for the summer. I wanted to squeeze in two more themes before back to school time and we are rather close. It worked out as I started introducing Vivian to this theme, that she quickly told me "this is the best week of the whole summer". Basically all I did is say she could help me cook and have little theme nights for our meals. Who knew chores could be so fun for the kids! The weekend proceeding this daddy went out of town with his best friend Zack so we also got to enjoy a fun dinner at Nana's while they were away and a fun dinner with him before they left at his favorite Babe's. Monday was cowboy breakfast night (brinner, as we affectionately call breakfast for dinner). Tuesday was Taco Tuesday which Nana helped us with. Wednesday was Italian night (spaghetti and meatballs with Lady and the Tramp). Thursday got flipped around a little it became French Thursday (instead of French Friday) hamburgers and french fries. Friday became Hawaiian night with pineapple chicken, green beans, and rice, and disco dessert as the kids got real excited about again. (Brownies with M&M's). Throughout the week we also inserted a few other fun things that ended up going with the theme. We headed to my friend's Christina's who happens to have 6 apple trees out front. She also happens to be going with me to Jamaica in October on a mission trip. Her hubby got the great idea for us to make some apple pies to raise some money, so we enlisted the kids help to pick the apples and they ran around while we baked 20 pies. It was fun but tiring too. Friday night we attended our first outdoor movie up at the middle school-Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, although we've seen it a bunch it is a whole different game being outdoors at night. It was another event I plan on not missing next summer. Free and awesome! Happy cooking!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Week #11- Archaeology

This week the main attraction I had in mind was the Indiana Jones exhibit at the museum. We did go see "Rio 2" which I tell the kids had some exploring but not so much digging for artifacts. However, we went with it. I thought about introducing them to Indiana Jones but then after doing a little research realized these movies are the reason the PG-13 rating came into existence. In other words, they are too young! We did however go through the exhibit because thanks to a good friend Thomas got a great deal on some tickets. The other big outing for the week was Granbury Beach. Christina and I packed up our kids and headed down there for a fun day. It was so delightful! We kept saying, "Why haven't we been doing this all along?" Next summer, I need to remember this when I want a "beach" vacation. It's free, close, and never crowded during the week. What fun. Here are my favorite pics.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Week #10-Sports

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We are in August friends! I can't believe how quickly this summer is going. Just as soon as I uttered those words, it seemed everything has stopped and come to a stand still. My kids have started fighting non-stop, electronics are taking over, and I'm so done with cooking. Can I get an Amen? I am trying my best to keep on keepin' on so we decided to do "sports" this past week. I had some fun ideas, and the weather was a delight cooling off again but it did make swimming a little challenging. We did however enjoy boxing with Aaron and playing with Ellen, a sweet treat with our cousins,bowling and lunch with the Harder, swimming with Brooke and Ryan, CATS baseball game on the PERFECT night for baseball, some awesome ball fights with a new target mom made, a day camp at Lonestar gymnastics, and a fun weekend with daddy while mommy got together with some childhood friends. That about sums it up. Here's the pics.

Week #9- Transportation

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This week was a little unique. We put our kids in one more VBS to occupy them but we also were planning on helping out a neighbor and taking her kids for the week. She is on bed rest with her fourth so we took her two boys to give her some much needed rest. The kids had a good time at VBS but maybe just as much fun running around our house. Our "theme" was supposed to be transportation and we did a couple of things with this but as this summer and life seems to be going many plans did not turn out the way I had planned them. That's okay. God is working me down little by little. A few things worth mentioning on that front- Planes Fire and Rescue did not work the day we wanted to take them to a movie, so we came back here and "watched" CARS 2. They didn't last too long on this one. I did however get to take just Vivi to a party at Hawaiian Falls as the daddy of this family kept my little guy one afternoon. That was a blast and perfect for her age. Friday we drove to Dallas to see a good friend and play with her kids, no problems except the long car ride home! Saturday we trucked as a family to Mountasia where I bought a groupon for some golf and go cart rides. It was a really hot day that day but the go karts were a blast and the bumper boats helped cool us off! Enjoy the pics.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Week #8-Science

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What I lacked the week before we made up during science week! Wow did my kids love this week and wow did I love the weather to make it much easier! What was also fun is we didn't run around as much this week but did science experiments at home- ice crystals, volcanoes, flubber, made some fun blue cupcakes, and read some cool volcano books. We did have some flops, because I don't want you thinking everything always runs smoothly. We visited the Monnig meteorite museum and couldn't get in. We tried this glow chalk that didn't work and this glow potion that didn't work. Oh well, it didn't slow us down too much. We also made it to our first dollar movie- yes we need to do that again! It was perfect "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2" very science driven and creative! We also had visitors this week. Gigi came through on her way to move to Chicago :( but we did get to take her to the Museum of Science which was a blast! We even saw a movie there in the planetarium we hadn't seen before! What a fun week. Enjoy the pics.